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About PSO

What does PSO stand for?

PSO stands for Parent-Staff Organization

Why are we a PSO and not a PTA?

PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a national organization that charges membership dues. As a PSO, everyone can be a member at no cost. Any financial contribution made to the Sherwood PSO benefits Sherwood students. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so most contributions are also tax deductible.

Who is a member?

Every parent and staff member at Sherwood Elementary is a member and is invited to participate in all PSO General Meetings and events.

What projects does the PSO fund?

PSO money helps fund the teacher discretionary funds, scholarships, field trip transportation, social events, assemblies, activities like Young Author’s Day and Field Day, awards, crossing patrols and more.

How much of a time commitment is involved as a PSO volunteer?

You can commit as much or as little time as you like. You can be on any of the various committees, or you can help by donating time to a certain event, such as a staff appreciation lunch, a family fun night activity, proofreading the school directory, helping with vision/hearing screening or working with the Math Olympiad.

Make a difference for your child and Sherwood Elementary!

We depend on volunteers like you to enhance the learning environment at Sherwood. Your involvement benefits your child(ren) now, and these experiences extend beyond their elementary years. If you are unable to contribute your time, any monetary donations you wish to provide will stay here at Sherwood, working for the education and environment of our students.

2 in 1 Directory/Volunteer Form– Add your family to the Sherwood Directory, let us know how you can Volunteer, and sign up for infomation the PSO.  Click here to download the form.


We are committed to making the school a better place to learn; providing enrichment opportunities for all children; building school community; and influencing legislature on behalf of all children.


Our vision is to continue with staff and volunteer appreciation, building community with a focus on streamlining communication with Sherwood families via the PSO website and social media, and encouraging everyone to get involved.


Our goal is to make it possible for everyone in the Sherwood community to contribute, whether it be with time, donations, resources or talents/skills/ideas.