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Getting to School

Drop-Off / Pick-Up Procedures

When you come to drop your child off in the morning, you will enter the parking lot off 106th St., down by 228th St. You may drop your child off on the curbside or along the island. In both scenarios, your child will get out of the car on the driver’s side. There will be staff and patrols out in the parking lot at 9:05am to help direct traffic flow and walk students off the island.

For pick up, parents will enter the lower driveway along 106th Ave. to pick up their child(ren). There will be two lanes where you will wait. Some students will be picked up on the island and some will be picked up curbside.  Students with last names A-H will go to the island to be picked up, and students with last names I-Z will be picked up on the curbside.

If you would like to park and walk your child to class, you may park in an any empty parking space in the front lot or in the driveway on the way to the drop off area. Please do not park in the back parking lot, which is only for busses and staff parking.  If you park and walk your child to class, please use the crosswalks to cross the parking lot.

Riding the Bus

Because our parking lot is so congested each morning and afternoon, we encourage you to have your child take the bus to school.

The Edmonds School district maintains a bus tool that will help parents find where they can take their child to use bus service to Sherwood.  Click here for the bus tool.

Parents of enrolled students should receive a postcard detailing the location and times for bus pickup. This should arrive around mid-August.

If  your child doesn’t normally ride the bus 

Students who are not signed up to ride the bus or are going home with another student on the bus must have a parent-signed permission slip or bus pass which includes:

  • Bus number
  • Student name
  • Parent signature

For more information contact the Transportation department at 425-431-7230.