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Citizen Planning Committee (CPC) – The Edmonds School District established the Citizen Planning Committee (CPC) as an advisory body to the Board of Directors. The mission of the CPC is to examine the long-range needs and issues of the school district.

Equity Alliance for Achievement (EAACH) – To best serve the needs of all children, the district has created an Equity Alliance for Achievement, which is a parent advisory group, to focus on building inclusive and creatively inviting schools as an important underpinning to student achievement. A representative from each school forms the committee. To promote the learning of all students, the EAACH committee will work to create strong parent-school partnerships that:

  • Support the development of all parents in becoming powerful advocates for their students.
  • Provide parents with the knowledge necessary to support student classroom learning.
  • Develop schools that recognize, respond to, and are inclusive of the diversity in the school community.
  • Support the participation of parents in community activities

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Promover el aprendizaje de todos los estudiantes, el comité EAACH trabajara para crear enlaces Fuertes entre los padres-escuelas que:

  • Apoyen el proceso en el que todos los padres puedan convertirse en abogados poderosos para sus estudiantes.
  • Brindarles a los padres el conocimiento necesario para apoyar el aprendizaje en el salón de clases. ·
  • Edificar escuelas que reconozcan, respondan y que estén al tanto de la diversidad en la comunidad escolar.
  • Apoyar la participación de los padres en actividades en la comunidad


Edmonds School District Alumni Association – Serving the graduates of Edmonds School District #15. More information about the Alumni Association is available on its website, www.esdalumni.org.