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School Info

School Day 9:20 am – 3:50 pm

Early release time is 12:20 pm

Sherwood Principal: Christi Kessler

Sherwood Office Staff

If you need to reach someone in the Sherwood front office, please contact:

School Nurse: Mrs. Ryna Hansen  – 425.431.1458

Office Manager: Mrs. Joni Goettel- 425.431.7460

Office Assistant: Mrs. MaryLu Carls0n –  425.431.7460

Visiting Sherwood

ALL adults must stop at the school office, sign in and identify themselves. For the protection of all children, we need to know the identity of all adults who are on the school grounds. All volunteers must complete a volunteer packet each school year. When you arrive to volunteer, plese be sure to sign in at the main office.

Click here to print the Parent Volunteer Packet.

If your child forgets something at home (e.g. lunches, books, money, etc.) bring the item to the school office. To avoid interrupting class, we will call the classroom at an appropriate time and make sure your child receives the item. We wish to extend a cordial invitation to parents to visit school at any time they desire. However, a classroom visit, which is planned in advance with the teacher or principal, will be more successful and satisfactory than a chance visit, which may find the child engaged in an activity outside the room. Please sign in with the office. You will find the office of the principal always open for visitation or consultation with parents. Since the principal’s schedule is not a set one, it is always advisable to telephone for an appointment.