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Edmonds School District Emergency Notice

There are several ways you can find out if schools are closed or operating on an abnormal schedule:

  • Phone
  • Internet
  • Local Media

There are three levels of notices:

  • School closed
  • Two hours late
  • Two hours late – Limited Buses


You can call the District’s switchboard at 425-431-7000. If there are closures you will get details. This information will be updated as needed and will be available from approximately 5:15 AM to 7:30 AM on the morning of a possible closure.


Navigate to SchoolReport.org. The information on the website is removed after 10 AM & 3 PM daily.

Local Media

Many local radio and Television stations will announce closures.

Remember: if no message is given for our district, then schools are operating on a normal schedule. In an emergency, listen to your Radio/TV.

Announcements will be made on these radio and television stations:

AM Radio:

◦KIRO 710

◦KCIS 630

◦KIXI 880

◦KOMO 1000

◦KYCW 1090

◦KRKO 1380

FM Radio:

◦KPLU 88.5

◦KSER 90.7

◦KLSY 92.5

◦KUBE 93.3

◦KMPS 94.1

◦KBSG 97.3

◦KMTT 103.7

◦KCMS 105.3

◦KRWM 106.9






◦KCPQ 13


What to do if your child is at school during an emergency?

General Information

◦School is the best place for your child in an emergency

◦Teachers and administrators are trained and prepared for emergencies

◦Sherwood has an emergency plan and water and food on hand

◦Each teacher is assigned to a specific job during an emergency

◦Sherwood is connected to the School District communications center via 900 MHz radio and analog phone

If an emergency occurs at school, the teachers and staff will:

  • Evacuate the children from the school and take them to the field area by the track
  • Take attendance
  • Put up security barriers to limit/direct vehicle traffic
  • Report to the Command Center and then go to their assigned jobs

Your child/children should:

  • Stay at school. We do not want them to walk home to check on you or a pet. School is the safest place for them during an emergency. Please tell your child to stacy at school when an emergency occurs. Time spent trying to find a child who has left the campus will take time and energy away from locating someone who is trapped or injured.
  • Stay with their Center/Classroom (Sherwood needs to be able to constantly account for all of the children).

Parents and guardians should:

  • NOT attempt to call Sherwood. Please keep the phone lines clear. Teachers and staff will be working to ensure the safety of the children and will not be available to talk to parents.
  • Check the District Web page for updates @ http://www.edmonds.wednet.edu/
  • Learn the school evacuation procedures so that you can help if you are at school.
  • Listen to the following radio/television stations provided above.

If you feel you have to pick up your child from school, you should:

  • Bring identification – teachers/staff will not release a child to an adult without ID, nor will they release children to adults (other than parents) without that adult’s name being designated on the child’s emergency release form.
  • Be patient
  • Enter the school bus drive lane via the exit and drive along the bus curb towards the flag
  • School staff will be at the flag with the children’s paperwork
  • Children will not be released from the field
  • Please do not take your child without checking out with school personnel

Be Prepared for an Emergency

Visit the Web sites below to get ideas and information about emergency preparedness:

United States Department of Homeland Security

United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention

American Red Cross National

American Red Cross Snohomish County

Emergency Services Coordinating Agency (Emergency training classes)